These are the features you can expect from this fresh update of everyone’s favorite minimalist blog theme:

What else will I need to make this theme work?

This child theme requires the Genesis Framework, which must be purchased separately. Need managed hosting? We’re raving fans of Flywheel! While not required to make the theme work at its basic level, we recommend the following plugins for full functionality:

What size should my logo be?

We recommend a header size of 640 × 340 pixels and you can upload your logo in the Customizer. You’ll have the option to crop if you need to. Or, if you don’t have a logo, you can simply type in your blog name and it will be styled to match the rest of your typography.

Take note: You’ll need to upload a logo sized at 640 x 340, but it will only appear as 320 x 170. This is because retina screens need a double resolution to appear clear. While this logo area may appear small to some, it has been optimized for placement on all screen sizes, including mobile devices.

I want a handwritten logo like yours!

We can help with that! Here are a few options for you:

  1. Hire us to design your brand identity and customize your theme.  Our illustrators know their way around a pen or brush and we’d love to create a one-of-a-kind option for you.
  2. Pen it yourself!  We’ve even got a workshop to give you an introduction to hand lettering, including guidance on how to digitize your own handwriting and illustrations.
  3. Grab a cheap font from Creative Market and fake it till you make it!

How big should my post images be?

To make full use of the theme and it’s built-in thumbnail sizes, you’ll need to make sure that your featured image is at least 680 x 900 pixels for vertical images and 680 x 450 pixels for horizontal images. We also recommend including a Pinterest-optimized vertical image within the body of your post. All other images can be flexible in width, but to fill the full width of the post area, try to shoot for photos that are at least 680 pixels wide.

On the flip side, you don’t want to upload images that are too big. If this is a concern for you, check out the TinyPNG plugin to compress images on upload.

How does the “Read More” button work?

If you are using excerpts on the archive pages, blog page, or in the Featured Posts widget, a “Read More” button will automatically appear for you. You can also use the MORE tag to insert the button when displaying full content.

What recipe plugin do you recommend?

I’m glad you asked! Sure, you need a plugin that will make your recipes look great and get attention from Google, but we think you also need a simple, streamlined solution. It was our honor to collaborate with WP Site Care to give you just that–enter Check it out and thank us later!

What if I have more questions? How can I get support?

We have a dedicated support team to help you get your theme set up. Check out our helpful tutorials or submit a support ticket if you need additional assistance.

Can you install and customize it for me?

Absolutely! Check out our Done For You services for more details.

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